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The Great Bike Tour of the Dolomites

The "Great Bike Tour of the Dolomites" is the first great bike loop that develops around the breathtaking scenery of the DOLOMITES. A permanent, unique bike track, accessible from spring to autumn, to ride in full autonomy and experience the Dolomites in total freedom.

The Route

Start: Hotel Argentina, Pocol - Cortina d’Ampezzo
Length 250 Km
Elevation gain 5.500 D+ ca.

Stamp Points: 4 stamps in 4 different locations to document your journey, plus 2 stamps at the start and arrival.
CP1 Prato Piazza Rifugio Prato Piazza km 38 ca
CP2 Dobbiaco /Toblach Cafè Marlen km 103 ca
CP3 San Candido / Innichen Sportzentrum Km 137ca
CP4 Arronzo di Cadore Ribotta Artbar Km 187 ca

Attitude: adventure, bikepacking in full autonomy, without leaving any trace behind…!

The Adventure

Riding a bike for 250km is no joke, especially in the Dolomites. Our goal was to create a route, fit to be travelled by bike, without the traditional features of the MTB trails world…! The stretches characterized by rough terrain have been limited to a minimum in favour of beautiful gravel roads, still demanding but rideable. The hardest sections can reach a gradient of 20%, make sure to use the adequate gear.
Riding along this route means having privileged access to landscapes and lookouts that cannot be reached in any other way. Take all the time you need and breathe in the unique scents of the most beautiful mountains of the world. You will end your journey satisfied with your physical effort and with a smile on your face.

The Landscape

The Dolomites: a UNESCO World Heritage site; a succession of unique and spectacular landscapes; a Nature of extraordinary beauty gently shaped by human activities, imposing and charming peaks, green pasturelands, pristine forests of pine, fir, larch trees, and mugo pines as far as the eye can see.


Helmet, bike lights, respect of the law and of the traffic code. All the roads along the route are open to traffic. There is no fun without safety: we strongly recommend not to ride at nighttime and when in unsafe conditions. Please read the rules and regulations carefully.
Respect the rules of the Natural Parks of the Ampezzo Dolomites and of Fanes-Senes-Braies.

One Stage

The route can be completed in one stage ( we advise against it) or it can be staged according to your preferences and needs, choosing where and when to eat, where and when (and if) to sleep. Total freedom.


To follow the route, a GPS track will be provided. The entire length of the route must be followed, without shortcuts. Pure bliss from the first to the last kilometer.


No assistance will be provided by the organizers. There will be no assistance along the route. It is just you and your bike.

No Stopwatch

There is no time limit. It is up to you to choose the pace and in how much time you want to reach the destination. Anyway, it will always be an adventure.

Golden Book

If you manage to complete the route, no matter whether in multiple days or in one stage, your name will be entered in the Golden Book of the Grande Anello Dolomitico. You will also receive a certificate of participation, because your strength and your spirit of adventure deserve an award!

Have Fun!

This is not a race, there is no competition. It is a challenge with yourself to complete the 250 km route, without caring about the time. You will ride across landscapes that will leave you stunned by their beauty.

Enjoy the Freedom of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Choose your own schedule, there is no time limit. Along the route there are several mountain guesthouses, as well as supermarkets, bars, and restaurants for a quick snack or a nice lunch. You will also come across hotels and B&Bs to spend the night in (we recommend checking the GPS track and making sure you have enough time to reach your next destination)

Info & Track

"Gran Anello Dolomitico" 2022 Track test edition

The route is permanent and to be attempted in full autonomy on gravel bikes, MTBs, or E-bikes. We strongly recommend bikes with low gears, we are in the mountains and you will encounter sections that reach a gradient of 20% or higher.
Ideal Gravel Tire: 40 mm
Ideal MTB Tire: 2.1 inc.
Ideal E-bike Tire: standard
Route: 70% gravel roads, 29% paved roads - mostly back roads, 1% single track
100% rideable terrain

Where to Start

The starting point of the Gran Anello Dolomiti is the Hotel Argentina at Pocol, strategically located in the heart of the Dolomite passes, the perfect accommodation before and after the ride. Here, you will receive a map of the route and a “passport” to get the stamps of the 4 stages you will have to complete in order to enter the Golden Book of the Gran Anello Dolomitico!

Useful Numbers

Stefano Mantegazza: +39 349 2425594 track and route info
Christian Leischner: + 39 335 7565219 track and route info
Giovanni Menardi: + 39 335 6056259 logistics, info
Emergency: 118

Liability Waiver

The conditions of the route can significantly change over time, due to vegetation growth, snowfalls, hydrogeological instability, road works, etc. When downloading the GPS track, the user expressly exempts the organizers from any liability.