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Ciaspole nelle Dolomiti

Ski mountaineering and Snowshoeing in the Dolomites


Wishing to get far from the busy ski runs in order to further  appreciate the peaceful pure white of  snow-clad wilderness? Well, a snowshoeing hike is just what you are looking for. This discipline is attracting more and more enthusiastic hikers every year. 

In fact, the enviable landscape of Cortina's bowl cannot be reached otherwise during wintertime. The countless itineraries  of varying lengths and difficulties, from the easiest ones for first timers approaching this way of floating on the snow, to the most demanding and challenging ones  for expert snowshoers, will let you fully appreciate the most amazing winter mountainscapes in the Dolomites. Some of the most beautiful itineraries start in the vicinity of the hotel, while the large snow-clad meadow lying in front of the property is perfect to learn the technique.  
However, we suggest you should always rely on the expert guidance of Cortina Mountain Guides  and check snow conditions before setting off.

Ski mountaineering

Snowshoeing and much more. The leisure natural park of the Dolomites gives you the opportunity to go back to the origins, i.e. ski mountaineering.

During the winter months, when snow and weather conditions are optimal, there are countless itineraries to practise ski mountaineering around Cortina. This highly popular discipline  involves ascending mountains without using lift facilities and then descending on skis, feeling totally free and far from crowded ski areas.

Many mountain inns are open in the winter season, being the destination of many excursions, and the hotel is the starting point for some of the most beautiful hikes.

Ski mountaineering is virtually accessible to all, of course it needs to be tackled  with adequate physical training, correct basic skills and specially designed equipment, as well as a fairly good knowledge of the mountain environment. Therefore we recommend hiring an expert guide at Cortina Mountain Guides to take on this adventure in total safety.

Also for this discipline we have a gift for you: the map with some of the most amazing itineraries in our mountains.

Ski mountaineering and Snowshoeing